Keep your data safe! Here’s what to look out for when choosing a cloud storage provider


The same way you can rent storage space to put unused furniture and family heirlooms away for safekeeping is similar to how you can “rent” space to store your digital assets safely. Though the hesitation to put sensitive information online in the wake of some huge data leaks is understandable, looking for a cloud service provider that doesn’t play around when it comes to privacy is possible. With so many options available in the market, where do you even start? We hit up the experts at Treasure Cloud for a list of things to look out for when choosing a cloud storage provider. 

Country of origin

Unlike the reasons you’d buy cheese from France and pasta from Italy, location might not be something that immediately comes to mind when thinking about how to choose a cloud service. After all, isn’t everything online? Well yes, but where a cloud service provider’s servers are located might have legal implications, especially if you’re running a business. If you’re planning on using a cloud service provider with servers outside of your country, it might be worth going over the legalities and making sure you’ll be able to access your data now and well into the future without hassle.

Inter-platform connectivity

Cloud storage isn’t exactly new, and perhaps you’ve already been using a bunch of different cloud service providers. If your line of work requires you to share files with external partners or clients, this might involve different cloud storage services which can be hard to keep track of, but maybe there’s a simple way to get it all under control. 

What if we told you there was a way to access all of your files regardless of platform all in one place? Treasure Cloud allows users to connect the different cloud accounts such as Dropbox and Google Drive files all with one login, which means less time spent trying to remember where you left that one file. 

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User interface and functionality

Besides being able to store your information safely and securely, the user interface of a cloud storage platform is an important factor. Having all your files at your fingertips is one thing, but it might not mean much if it’s on a platform that’s hard to navigate. Besides being easy on the eyes, the design of a website or platform can greatly impact your productivity.  

If you’re gonna store your important stuff in cloud storage, it should be easily accessible. It’s why Treasure Cloud prides itself on its universal search capability. You already know that you can connect different cloud accounts to Treasure Cloud, and now you can easily search for any file across the different accounts. File organization is also made simple as you can copy, delete or move them around easily in a single window — no more downloading and reuploading just to move files from one account to another!

Privacy and security

Ever received a barrage of seemingly random marketing messages after you’ve submitted your details to a random lucky draw? A friendly text message informing you the skincare sample you never ordered is ready for collection, or someone you don’t know calling you “bro” and inviting you to join him in online betting? Our data can sometimes be used without us knowing, and this might be the case for some cloud storage providers. Users are made to agree to terms and conditions that allow your data to be viewed and sold to third parties, but using a cloud storage provider doesn’t have to cost you your privacy. 

Keeping your files safe is something you can’t have your head in the clouds about, and Treasure Cloud knows this. They offer client-side encryption which means your files are encrypted whether they’re being stored, in transit or in use. Treasure Cloud is serious about your privacy and having your data only viewable by you, and you can even tailor your experience to your liking. It’s a platform that can backup your data securely for you, while allowing users to opt-in for zero knowledge — which means Treasure Cloud won’t store your account’s recovery keys if you forget your password.

They’ve also got a free plan with 10GB of storage if you’d like to try it out, and you can even get 10GB in free storage for every successful referral and up to 800GB total! Head over to their website to create your account, or to find out more

Note: Coconuts Media is not a financial services company, does not provide financial advice, and is not a qualified expert in the storage of digital assets—financial or otherwise. This article is part of a paid partnership with Treasure Cloud and is for educational purposes only.

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