Face your worst fears at the Science Centre’s new exhibition

Photo: Science Centre Singapore

Clowns, coffins, and claustrophobia — if the mention of any of these spark off a jolt of terror in your heart, perhaps it’s time to face your fears head-on. In a safe space, of course. At the Science Centre Singapore’s new exhibition, Phobia²: The Science of Fear, you’ll delve into the psychology and physiology of fear, and its effect on our daily lives.

Touted as Asia’s first phobia-themed exhibition, the installations engage visitors with interactive elements, encouraging them to take the first step in overcoming their fears. Issues they tackle include the fear of insects, of being buried alive, of public speaking, and even FOMO (of missing out).

Upon stepping into the space, the elevator will take you back in time with a simulation that makes you feel as if you’re moving downwards. At the Jungle Experience, you’ll start your journey by dealing with ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes.

The fear of being buried alive. Photo: Science Centre Singapore

Next up: Common fears like claustrophobia, taphophobia (the fear of being buried alive), and other modern day ones like nomobophobia, the fear of losing your phone (which we all can probably relate to). Oh, and don’t get freaked out if you unknowingly bump into a life-sized clown mannequin at the Slideshow Carnival.

Slideshow Carnival. Photo: Science Centre Singapore

Besides a section on irrational fears, you’ll traipse through the stuff nightmares are made of — like a scene depicting a child’s bedroom with something (possibly sinister) lurking behind the closet — before arriving at an animated roller coaster that’ll take you through loops and drops for an adrenaline rush.

Not so in-your-face terrifying but still legit knee-trembling installations include sitting for an exam and a simulated public speaking session where you read out loud from a teleprompter to a projected audience that will actually react to your words.


Phobia²: The Science of Fear launches on Apr 13 at Hall B, Science Centre Singapore. Daily 10am-6pm. Free, admission to Science Centre Singapore applies.

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