These candles bring the familiar scents of kopi-o, teh-c, and bandung into your home

Photo: The Art Faculty/Facebook

Can’t live without your daily dose of kopitiam drinks? Well, perhaps you won’t have to, since candles bearing the familiar fragrances of kopi-o, teh-c, and bandung are now available. That’s black coffee, black tea with evaporated milk, and rose cordial with evaporated or condensed milk. Each scent comes in a regular glass vessel ($37) or an enamel mug ($55), with names like “Alive”, “Delight”, and “Revive”.

A collaboration between scent specialist To Be Calm and Pathlight School’s The Art Faculty, these creations are made of Australian essential oils, perfume oils, hand-poured natural soy wax, and lead-free cotton wick. And they’re debuting just in time for the Christmas gift rush.

For those who didn’t catch the famous dinosaur pouch by a fellow creator at The Art Faculty, the platform hones and encourages the talents of people with autism, allowing its “differently-abled” artists to learn financial independence with the sale of their works. And the motifs you see on these candles are done by one its designers, Sean Bay.

In case you’re finishing up all your festive shopping now, other new arrivals on the site include the very same viral dino print on umbrellas ($28), old school pocket books ($9.50-$11.50) with illustrations of the Boat Quay and Keong Saik Street, and a treasure box carrying the image of the Singapore River ($108).

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