5 ways the coronavirus pandemic is going to change the way we shop

Photo: Gain City
Photo: Gain City

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we go about our daily lives. It has affected how we travel, how we interact; and most importantly (to most, if not all Singaporeans) — how we shop. With the beginning of Singapore’s circuit breaker, shopping has been severely restricted. As such, many big box retailers have moved online. Globally, e-commerce has boomed; with retailers adjusting to a new normal.

As Singapore enters Phase 2 of the country’s reopening, there are new ways to shop, and customers will want to look for stores that make them feel safe and reassured. Here are five major differences in the way we shop in Phase 2.

  1. Look, Don’t Touch

One big change is that people will tend to look, but not touch (goodbye makeup testers!). It is still unclear as to how long the virus can last on surfaces. Better kiasu than sorry right? These days, shoppers are definitely keeping their hands to themselves, hand sanitizer at the ready, and keeping contact with products to a minimum. Especially products on display that are exposed to multiple people each day. 

  1. Social Distancing

Speaking of no touching, shoppers will be keeping a healthy distance from one another. Social distancing rules still apply, and to some it may already become a habit. Stores will have to limit their capacity, ensuring that shopping spaces do not get overcrowded. It’s every introvert’s dream, really. 

  1. Altered Buyer Decision Process

Shoppers are more cognizant and aware of what they are buying. This heightened sense of awareness (and kiasu-ness) means that people are taking more time to think about and research product information. After all, they’ve got all this time indoors to think carefully about the impact these products will have on their lives.

  1. Shopping Virtually

The COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated the growth of businesses operating virtually. In the near future, online shopping will become the default, and shopping in person will be reserved for major purchases or products that need trying out.

  1. Shop Local

Lastly, shoppers will gravitate towards shopping at local mom-and-pop shops close to their hearts compared to multinational retailers. The economic stress generated by the outbreak is an important contributing factor, and consumers would want to ensure that their favorite stores will stick around. 

What better way to support local businesses than to shop at Gain City? You can rest assured that Gain City is taking every precaution to ensure that your shopping experience, both online and offline, will be a safe and fuss-free one. For example, you’ll be able to easily reserve a slot for consultation, both online and in person. 

Once you arrive at the store, you will be met with a full body sanitation system ensuring everyone who enters the showroom is disinfected. The showroom itself has undergone deep cleaning; along with ultraviolet light strips installed along the air conditioning units to ensure that the air is sterilized. 

That’s not all, as Gain City is taking the time to be innovative during this time. The company is the first consumer electronics retailer to engage customers through Facebook live streams. Harnessing the power of social media, Gain City uses their retail store to livestream product showcases to their Facebook page, among other platforms. 

They’re also taking the next step by offering Singapore’s first virtual home consultation service. Through this service, customers on Gain City’s e-commerce store can view their product in detail via a video call with staff. You can even compare products, and ask Gain City staff which products would best fit their floor plans.

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