3 beauty treatments to get your skin ready for CNY

Photo: Tokyo Kohaku/Unsplash
Photo: Tokyo Kohaku/Unsplash

It’s almost time to dust off your one red shirt that’s been sitting in your wardrobe since National Day because Chinese New Year is fast approaching. Then again, maybe it’s time for some new clothes that’ll get you feeling fresh to start the year on a good note. Speaking of, it can’t hurt to pamper yourself with a beauty treatment or two either. If you’ve found yourself wondering why you’ve been getting seemingly random breakouts despite slathering on your skincare products daily, keeping stress at bay might just be the skincare ingredient you’re missing, but maybe the experts at SW1 Clinic can help. Here are three beauty treatments that can help you to get your skin looking its best before the Lunar New Year. 


Amidst the chaos of spring cleaning and getting the house ready for visitors, there’s a lot to be done — but don’t forget to leave some time for self-care. If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that self-care is important for your mental health and honestly, you deserve it after all that decluttering!

Treat yourself, we say, and the SylfirmX treatment can be the pampering your skin needs right before the hectic CNY period. It’s a 60-minute procedure that aims to treat multiple skin concerns including acne scars, redness like rosacea and hyperpigmentation. The treatment uses gold microneedles — which doesn’t hurt as much as you’d think. In fact, it’s pretty painless, and you might even find the treatment relaxing. Numbing cream is applied beforehand, and all you’ll feel are tiny pricking sensations.

SylfirmX is for your face and body, and it’s customizable to suit all skin types as well since the gold microneedles can be adjusted to treat different skin concerns at different layers of the skin. At the deepest layer, it can help with deep acne scars, while in the middle layers of the skin it can treat melasma and hyperpigmentation. In the superficial layer, it can help with resurfacing and the regeneration of skin, and the result is smooth skin and the confidence that comes with it is a bonus. There’s no downtime too, which means you can pencil in a session right before an important event, and you can even wear makeup after the procedure. 

Photo: Linh Ha/Unsplash


Oranges, check. Red packets, check. Now we don’t know about you, but a handheld electric fan has also become a must in Singapore’s relentless heat. Going visiting especially in Singapore’s weather can leave you in a sweaty mess by noon, and that just won’t do for the OOTD shot you’re definitely going to post. 

Those wanting to look photoshoot-ready for the festive season might want to check out SW1 Clinic’s Micro-Refine treatment, which claims to reduce excess oiliness, minimize the appearance of pores and improve your overall skin tone all in one 30-minute session. It uses microinjections of botox all over the face and neck, and it works by causing sweat glands and sebaceous glands to shrink and atrophy. The result is smooth and clear skin that’s ready for the ‘gram. 

Water Drop Lift

By now, we might be veterans when it comes to putting up with relatives’ nosy questions, but it can’t hurt to have more in your arsenal for dodging those attacks. If you had to pick between borderline invasive questions about your relationship (*ahem* or lack thereof) and comments on your appearance, the latter might just be the better option if it means you can distract your family members with a skincare tip or two. 

Lucky for you, you just got the Water Drop Lift treatment at SW1 Clinic, and the results are enough to get them asking about your skincare routine. Time spent describing the 45-minute treatment is time spent away from any personal questions, and we’ve got you covered. It’s a painless procedure that uses high-density ultrasonic energy to increase moisture in the skin and improve one’s moisture barrier. 

The treatment is said to help with fine lines, wrinkles and laugh lines, and the result is a youthful and dewy appearance. It’s not hard to see why it’s a favorite of Korean celebrities — a fun tidbit that’s sure to be a hit with the Korean-drama-obsessed relatives. 
Ready to put your best face forward? Head over to their website for more information, or to book an appointment.

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