Three Buns bring their diabolically priced/heavenly, satisfyingly sloppy burgers to The Quayside

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COCONUTS HOT SPOT — We may not have the luxury of patties cooked to utter perfection like Bangkok’s viral Homeburg sandwiches, but we do have Three Buns to satisfy that hole in your heart for big, deliberately sloppy, properly done burgers.

A longtime establishment as part of Potato Head Folk’s now iconic Keong Saik premises, the burgers and cocktails joint found a new home in Robertson Quay. And with the new premises at The Quayside comes an expanded menu with more combinations alongside popular signatures — plus, a new weekend brunch menu.

Executive Chef Adam Penney continues to oversee the kitchen in their new outlet, so they’ve still got his eagle-eyed attention to the kind of ingredients being used. Apparently each patty is made from prime cuts of high-quality grass-fed meat from Australia, and they make all their sauces from scratch, ketchup included.

The brunch menu. Photo: Coconuts Media
Dishes on the new brunch menu. Photo: Coconuts Media

If you were ever put off by the stunning (read: $$$$) prices of the burgers here, then look — those aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They remain the same.

But, perhaps the four new burgers, which are only offered at the new Quayside outpost, will be enough to pull you back under the Three Buns spell. There’s Da Cheese Master ($15, a hot mess of double cheddar, charred onions, double ketchup on black Angus beef patty), Bun DMC ($16, with an interesting sauce combination of watermelon rind relish, onion puree and Three Islands Mayo), and Trufello for vegetarians ($15, whole portobello mushroom patty slathered with garlic miso truffle-butter sauce).

From left: DMC Burger, Da Cheese Master Burger, Trufello Burger. Photo: Three Buns
From left: DMC Burger, Da Cheese Master Burger, Trufello Burger. Photo: Three Buns

But then, there’s a final new contender vying for your Cholesterol Fun Times attention.

The Red Man Burger ($28). Diabolical price aside, the Three Buns take on beef rendang burgers is… divine. In its own class of premium sandwiches.

The meat — astonishingly tender beef cheeks — yields a silky-smooth bite, and the rendang is intoxicating. It’s made from scratch with over 10 spices and ingredients, and spiked with gula melaka, then stewed for two hours. And those beef cheeks? They were cooked via sous vide for 24 hours within that rendang blend, meaning every fiber of that protein soaked in all those flavors like a sponge.

Add handmade coconut mayo and coconut buns — baked with coconut oil and milk — into the mix and it’s probably one of the best burgers you’ll have this year. A burger “experience,” if you will.

Red Man. Photo: Coconuts Media
The ‘Red Man’ beef rendang burger. Photo: Coconuts Media

Other new menu items to shout about: the Asian-inspired and Cypress Hill-influenced hotdog called the Seng Dog ($12) that consists of a toasted matcha bun sandwiching the sausage with wasabi mayo, fried shallots, and house-made relish. Naughty Fries — a Three Buns classic and a constant source of shared gastronomic joy in this here office — gets a new multi-cultural cousin: the Miso Dirty Fries ($9). The potato slices get drowned in smoked chicken sausage and floss, chives, scallions, pickled chili, and miso béarnaise.

Miso Dirty Fries. Photo: Three Buns
Miso Dirty Fries. Photo: Three Buns
Seng Dog. Photo: Coconuts Media
Seng Dog. Photo: Coconuts Media

You’ve also got the option to slosh the truckload of calories down with an array of boozy milkshakes — including the new banana-based 3 Monkeys ($18) and chocolatey Aye Sailor ($18) — as well as potent cocktails like the smoky Straight into Quayside ($18).

Drunk on both calories and booze, we bid you adieu.

Photo: Coconuts Media
Photo: Coconuts Media



Three Buns Quayside is at 60 Robertson Quay, #01-01.
Tue-Fri 5pm-12am; Sat-Sun 11am-12am; closed Mondays
MRT: Clarke Quay

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