There’s a new laundromat in town — wait, no, it’s a funky-looking restaurant and bar

There’s a new name at Jiak Chuan Road, and it’s nothing like what you’d expect. So don’t be bringing your week’s worth of stinky clothes to Phat Cat Laundry, ’cause it’s a funky restaurant/bar with Asian-themed cocktails and fusion dishes, inspired by the stereotypical Chinese-owned laundromats in the US and the UK. But anyone who wants to air their dirty laundry is totally welcome to — there’s no judgment in this cheeky place that lets you ‘iron out differences’ and ‘bleach reputations clean’. Don’t worry, no spirits will be dampened here.

Photo: Phat Cat Laundry/Facebook

Step into the shophouse space and you’ll be greeted by a drawing of the ‘Chinese lucky cat’ on the entrance door. And before you ask, yes, there are washing machines on its premises and rows of detergent boxes and posters lining the walls.

Photo: Phat Cat Laundry/Facebook

On the menu are Asian-inspired fushion plates like truffled prawn egg rolls with lemongrass aioli ($14), slow-cooked Brontosaurus char siu beef rib ($25), and the Sichuan burger with a cheese-stuffed lamb and beef patty, sambal aioli and pickled cucumbers ($25).

Brontosaurus char siu beef rib. Photo: Phat Cat Laundry/Facebook
Also on the menu: desserts like this coffee ice cream with coconut cream, cocoa crispies and coconut gula melaka cream. Photo: Phat Cat Laundry/Facebook

As for the cocktails, expect unique ones like the Teh Botol ($26), a red tea rum and jasmine flower version of the classic Indonesian drink, and the Andy Lau ($26), a gin-based concoction in a deep purple that represents the woes the singer croons about.

The Andy Lau drink. Photo: Phat Cat Laundry/Facebook

Sounds like the kinda thing you’d be into? Make space on your calendar for Phat Cat Laundry’s Full Moon opening party next week, where the first 50 guests will get a free cocktail, and everything on the food menu goes for $10 each.

Phat Cat Laundry is at 4 Jiak Chuan Rd. Mon-Sat 5pm-late. The opening Full Moon Party is on Oct 28, 7pm-midnight.

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