Tanjong Beach Club cranks up the romance with a new beachfront dining experience under the stars

Photo: Tanjong Beach Club

If you’re running out of ideas on how to surprise your partner with a romantic dinner for date night, Tanjong Beach Club has something new in store for you. Debuting its intimate beachfront dining experience this month, the Sentosa joint takes luxury outdoors, with a sleek table setting beautifully surrounded by tropical foliage, rolling waves, and sunset views.

Photo: Tanjong Beach Club

Whether you’re planning an evening for two or a dinner party for friends, having the sand between your toes and the ocean breeze in your hair as you tuck into coastal cuisine makes for quite the relaxing experience — especially when you’re sequestered away from the crowds.

Photo: Tanjong Beach Club

Unfortunately, the experience of dining under the stars is only available on weekdays and will set you back $96 per person (with an extra $34 per person for wine pairing) if it’s just you and your boo. For groups larger than four, you’ll be forking out $106 each (with an additional $34 per person for wine pairing) for a sharing menu that includes dishes like burrata, Atlantic prawns, lemongrass roasted chicken, chocolate parfait, and a welcome lavender-infused peach bellini.

Captain’s Trove. Photo: Tanjong Beach Club

To fully soak in the tropical vibes by the beach and forget you’re still in Singapore, sip on boozy concoctions like the Copabanana, a blend of vanilla, banana-infused dark rum, passion fruit syrup, coconut, and pineapple; or indulge in the Captain’s Trove, a communal cocktail served table-side in a “treasure chest” with champagne and the signature house-infused rum with pandan.

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