Did someone say free-flow alcohol? Carlsberg beer spills all over on Clementi Road after truck accident

Photo: Terance Lim / The New Paper

If you’re a beer fanatic, enthusiast, connoisseur, or just a lover of alcohol, you’d either be overwhelmed with joy or just plain heartbroken about this story because we’re not sure what to feel.

Booze spilled all over Clementi Road towards the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) after a massive load of Carlsberg beer cans fell off a truck. According to The New Paper, the incident happened on Friday morning at about 10:35am, with several hundreds of cans of Carlsberg beer strewn across the road, causing two of the three lanes to be blocked off. Thankfully, no other vehicle was involved and no one was hurt in the beer-pocalypse.

The Land Transport Authority posted a tweet about an obstacle on Clementi Road and advised road users to avoid the left lane. Most of the spillage was cleared by 2pm.

A Carlsberg spokesman however confirmed to The New Paper that the truck was unlikely to be from the company or one of its appointed vendors, so no one knows whose bad day it was. A truly gloomy moment for this sudden emergence of a Carlsberg beer-shaped hole in our hearts. 

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