Popular YouTube cooking channel SORTEDfood kicks off a week dedicated to Singapore cuisine

Photo: Video screengrab

Brit YouTube cooking channel SORTEDfood got into a wee bit of trouble last year — they didn’t realize that Singapore noodles isn’t an actual Singaporean dish when they showed how to cook ‘em — but the lads redeemed themselves with a Chilli Crab special. Their little Merlion cosplay is, er, questionable though.

Oh God why.

This week, the lads are diving deep into the magical world that is Singapore cuisine, and they’re kicking off with a classic staple: Nasi lemak. For a couple of British guys, they actually pulled it off pretty nicely, serving up the dish complete with a banana leaf base, coconut rice steeped with pandan, cucumber slices, ikan bilis and sambal. What’s missing, though, is the side of meat — nasi lemak needs its fried chicken and/or crispy ikan kuning, my dudes. Watch SORTEDfood have at it below, and check out our verdict when we blind tasted both high-end and low-cost nasi lemak dishes together.

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