This new weekend-only cafe along Upper Thomson Road is obsessed with avocados

Photo: All The Batter/Facebook
Photo: All The Batter/Facebook

Life is all the better with avocados, yes? For sure, the team behind what seems to be Singapore’s first avocado-themed cafe would agree. All The Batter is a new eatery at Adelphi Park — and if you think its name sounds vaguely familiar, perhaps you may have passed by its dessert stall at Anchorpoint Shopping Centre.

With its new and bigger sit-down space, you can gorge yourself silly on the benefits of avocado — but only on Saturdays and Sundays. Guess that’s one reason to eat (sort of) healthier on weekends; although a dessert-focused menu (no matter how avocado-centric) doesn’t exactly scream low calorie.

All The Batter
Photo: All The Batter/Facebook

On the drinks end, you’ll find beverages like matcha avocado creme, avocado chocolate ganache and avocado nutty galore. If you’re cool with avo overload, order a couple of desserts such as avocado gula melaka cake, fresh avocado milk ball, avocado citrus pie, avocado with yogurt cream cake, or the signature Avocado Rhapsody of cocoa sponge cake, cream cheese, walnuts and hazelnuts to share with your table. There’s also the avocado granola bowl option if you’d like to keep things on the lighter side.

That’s about it for the menu — sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping to spend your hard-earned cash on a ‘luxury’ like fancy avocado toast.

All The Batter is at 17 Jasmine Rd, Adelphi Park. Sat & Sun 11am-9.30pm.

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