New in bizarre foods: Mi goreng toast, brown sugar lava xiao long bao, and latte-lookalike desserts

Mi goreng toast and the “cappuccino” dessert. Photo: Benjamin Browns/Facebook
Mi goreng toast and the “cappuccino” dessert. Photo: Benjamin Browns/Facebook

Just in case you were getting bored of good grub in its ordinary form, two eateries have been experimenting with recipes in the kitchen to come up with new menu items that challenge what you thought you knew about food. Presenting: mi goreng-stuffed toast, cups of cappuccino that won’t spill (because they’re actually pudding), and xiao long baos injected with brown sugar lava.

Seems unnecessary, but okay.

First up, the trend-obsessed Benjamin Browns cafe. Y’know, the one that made headlines in the past for its equally stomach-churning bubble tea toast and monster milkshakes. Now, it’s trying to defy gravity with a new range of dessert “drinks” that probably took inspiration from the trick eye museum. The “food illusion series” comes in flavors like cappuccino ($6.90), matcha latte ($6.90), hot chocolate ($6.90), beer ($7.90), and bubble tea with pearls ($7.90), except all these are some sort of pudding/jelly/mousse creations, instead of the beverages they’re named after.

Apparently, jokesters can even conspire with the staff at the cafe to prank your buddies by having the servers pretend to pour the “drinks” on them. Also on the menu is an Egg Royale ($12) dish that looks like eggs benny but is actually a cupcake confection with mango, and white toast crammed with egg and mi goreng ($7.90), for that extra boost of carbs.

Next contender for the peculiar foods trophy? Paradise Dynasty, surprisingly enough. The restaurant’s good enough on its own to steer clear of attention-grabbing schticks, but it, too, is leaping onto the brown sugar wagon with limited edition sweet lava xiao long baos. A dessert option for xlb lovers, this brown sugar-and-coconut dish is only available at the brand’s newest Suntec City outlet. You won’t spot it on the menu though — only social media savvy customers who post a photo on Facebook or Instagram will get a free basket of five from May 25 to June 30.

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