A measured taste of Hong Kong’s Michelin-starred roast meats at Kam’s Roast

COCONUTS HOT SPOT — Roast meats aren’t that hard to find in Singapore, what with the dozens of hawker stalls selling char siu pork as well as varieties of chicken and duck. Heck, even NTUC Fairprice has a decent selection of barbecued protein

But! We don’t have any spots for Michelin-starred roast meats, unless you count Chinatown Food Complex’s Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle — but honestly we can’t be effed to wait in line for hours. Also, sometimes you just want something that doesn’t have soy sauce on it. 

Thank the Gods of Cantonese Cuisine that Hong Kong eatery Kam’s Roast decided to open an offshoot here to offer their award-winning meat platters for the Singaporean palate. And it’s situated so conveniently beside its Michelin-starred Japanese cousin: Tsuta, the only ramen eatery in the world to get the Michelin recognition

We’ll leave the oft-recited story of power struggles and family feuds at the centre of its original eatery Yung Kee to our colleagues at Coconuts Hong Kong. Us? We’re just happy to enjoy some Cantonese classics — and critically acclaimed ones at that — right here in Singapore. 

We wouldn’t go so far as to say that Kam’s Roast’s offerings are the best you’ll ever try, but we’ll gladly declare that they’re very, very good. Their roast duck ($55 for whole (but they’ve cut it down to $48!)) is a pretty decent alternative to their Kam’s famed goose (some regulatory issues don’t allow their goose from China to be imported), still possessing that rich smokiness. If you aren’t into the duck’s gamey taste, there’s always the classic soya chicken ($14.80 for whole), which is serviceable. 



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But the Kam’s Roast experience really kicks into high gear with their signature “Toro” char siu ($22.80), which is a pleasure-groan inducing hunk of barbecued pork belly that melts in your mouth. It’s the combination of premium pork belly and the Kam family’s award-winning marinade that makes it a killer dish, with the fats bursting in your mouth at each bite. For something that’s not so guilty-inducing, there’s the fat-less regular char siu pork ($14.80), but its illusion of being healthier for you doesn’t compare to the gooey goodness of the Toro. 

Toro Char Siu. Photo: Kam’s Roast

Another must try is the famed wonton noodles ($9.80 onwards) — apparently an exclusive offering in Singapore. Said to be air flown daily from Hong Kong on Singapore Airlines, “absolute freshness is guaranteed”. We don’t know if all that trouble’s necessary, but it is pretty good — springy, silky and al dente to the bite. 

Shout out to the marinated cucumbers ($6.80) and the marinated black fungus ($6.80) as well — they make amazing sides to the main meat party. Then there’s the crispy roast pork ($14.80), which is the most okay of the lot, ’cause it tasted pretty dry. 

Marinated fungus and cucumber. Which were REALLY good. Photo: Kam’s Roast

Overall, Kam’s Roast does something that many other eateries of a similar vein fail to do — offer a solidly authentic taste of Hong Kong cuisine. We might be missing out on Kam’s Roast Goose that it got its Michelin star for, but hey, the alternatives are just as gourmand. 

Kam’s Roast is at #01-04 Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Rd, 6836-7788. Mon-Fri 11am-10pm, Sat, Sun & PH 10am-10pm.

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