This Japanese restaurant is apparently selling $22 instant noodles with lobster

Photo: hanarestaurantsg/Instagram

Sometimes, in their effort to experiment and keep things interesting for the customer, restaurants go out of their way to elevate a simple dish. Like instant noodles. With seafood and meat. Sold at an inflated price, of course.

Behold, Japanese joint Hana Restaurant’s atas Nissin cup noodles topped with egg and your choice of lobster ($22), chicken ($18), or chilli crab ($18). The Orchard Road eatery, which recently launched its “overflowing” noodles range, is obviously attempting to attract the higher SES crowd, with price tags that are ten times that of regular instant noodles.

Sure, these come with fancy add-ons like lobster and crab, but we’re pretty sure our regular $3.60 black pepper chicken thigh from 7-Eleven crammed into cup noodles would taste just as good (if not better). At least our wallets wouldn’t be suffering.

But if you’ve got the cash to spare for an over-the-top lunch, stop by Forum The Shopping Mall to document your meal for the ‘gram.

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