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Photo: Maria Lin Kim / Unsplash
Photo: Maria Lin Kim / Unsplash

The age of technology. Everything’s available with just a few clicks and it’s become such a necessity especially since the start of the Circuit Breaker. Speaking of, while we’ve been allowed back outside in Phase 2, skipping the crowds at supermarkets still isn’t such a bad idea. 

What if we told you you could get whatever you want, when you want it? That’s right, with GrabMart you can get anything from a baby crib to fresh ingredients delivered straight to you with same-day delivery. Need a bag of ice? You can be sure it’ll arrive, well… ice-cold. Here are some ways you can use GrabMart in a pinch.

For that outdoor BBQ

Picture this. You’re lugging around a bag of charcoal that’s half your size, squinting at your phone as you look for the correct BBQ pit number. Save yourself from the hassle and order anything you’ll need right to your destination. You could even schedule the delivery to arrive when you do. Don’t forget to leave a note for your rider so they’ll be able to find you easily. 

Get it:

  • Charcoal from Instamart – Tampines Arcadia
  • Assorted seafood from Triton Seafood Market
  • Cold cuts and cheese from The Providore
  • Alcohol from Bottles & Bottles

For the slumber party

Indoor activities are all the rage these days, and a relaxing night in with your closest pals is on the cards. It’s time to break out the pajamas and sheet masks as you guys chat into the wee hours of the night. Settle in and get comfy!

Get it:

  • Sheet masks from Watsons
  • Cider and snacks from Alcohol Mix & Match
  • Essential oils from BioFinest
  • Body butter and hand cream from The Body Shop

For when you’ve forgotten the stick of butter mid-baking the-most-urgent-cake-of-your-life 

Happens to the best of us. You’ve promised your cousin you’d bake a cake to celebrate the new addition to the family. In your excitement, you’ve forgotten the butter. Now you’ve got about five minutes to hide and quickly order it off of GrabMart before Mom starts yelling at you. Now’s not the time to have butterfingers, as you type “butter” into the search bar, but you succeed with seconds to spare. Heave a sigh of relief as you tap on “Place Order”, and look forward to the bottle of wine you also threw into the cart at the last minute. 

Get it:

  • Butter from One Stop Mini-Mart 
  • Wine from Wine Connection
  • Gifts for mama and baby from ToddlerFinest

For the impromptu hotpot dinner 

A late afternoon hang with friends could run into dinnertime, and like a good host, you wanna feed your guests. Well, any time is a good time to have a hotpot dinner. Why run to the supermarket when you could order groceries right to your doorstep? Everything you’ll need, from your favorite mala soup base to fresh fish is just a few taps away. Talk about an instant hotpot!

Get it:

  • Hotpot soup stock from Shell Select
  • Frozen seafood from Zairyo Japanese Gourmet Grocery
  • Fresh meat and vegetables from Market Boy
  • Paper towels, dishwashing soap and cling wrap from NH Mart
  • Tea from Tea Forte and coffee beans from Jones the Grocer

For anything else you might need

Save yourself from the hassle of lugging heavy bags of pet food home and have them sent directly to your door. We’re talking anything from baby powder to vitamins, and even pregnancy test kits and surprise gifts of fresh flowers! 

Get it:

  • Pregnancy test kit from Watsons
  • Sanitary pads from Unity
  • Vitamins from GNC
  • Fresh flowers from Floral Connoisseur – Leonie Hill

Check out what you can get on GrabMart here.

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Keep watching Grab’s social pages and app to find out more.

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