Fork out $30 for a KopiPass to redeem free cups of coffee at cafes all over Singapore

Okay, so coffee festivals haven’t exactly gone down swimmingly in Singapore. At least not for the disastrous Cafe Fest in 2014 and this year’s overcrowded Singapore Coffee Festival — both of which were hyped as the first of their kind. (Guess Singaporeans just love their java way too much, ’cause they turned up in droves for both events and left in varying degrees of disappointment).

Perhaps this one will be different. After all, instead of gathering all the trendy cafes into one spot, the KopiPass lets you visit any of the participating cafes over a months-long period of time at your convenience. 

How does it work? It’s basically a $30 pass that gets you a complimentary coffee, tea or espresso-based drink at 30 cafes across the island. So that comes up to $1 per cuppa. Pretty affordable, no? 

Choose from the list of three to five concoctions offered at each cafe and simply present your pass for redemption (one drink per cafe). Plus, it’s valid from Sept 29 till March 31 of next year, so you’ll have plenty of time to cafe-hop without having to push your way through a crowd of angry coffee lovers deprived of their caffeine. 

The curated list of participating cafes includes The Assembly Ground, The Laneway Market, Hatched, Butter Studio, Avenue Cafe and Oh My Tian Bakehouse & Cafe. Keep tabs on the website for updates.

And since Sept 29 is National Coffee Day, 13 cafes are offering one-for-one coffees from 3pm to 5pm. Pop by places like 2nd Story Cafe Bar, Montana, Suzette or The Lab SG for your double dose of caffeine (just show ’em the image below to redeem the drinks).

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