Beat the breakfast and lunch crowds in the CBD with this new app, cutQ

Nothing is more frightening than jostling with snazzily-dressed CBD workers during lunch time. Or even breakfast hours. Without food in their bellies, people are grouchy, and long queues don’t exactly do much to calm the hangry feelings. The CBD is almost like a warzone — you gotta know what you want and hone straight in, or you’ll risk standing in line forever while white-collars shoot you dirty looks for your indecision.

All that to say, the new locally-designed cutQ app is very much welcome here. Catering mostly to workers in the Central Business District, the takeaway mobile ordering app sounds like a great idea for time-pressed employees who just wanna get their food and rush back to their desks. With this nifty device, you can make instant orders and collect them within a few minutes, or do advance orders for anytime between 30 minutes to two days. Cafes and restaurants on the list include Afterglow, Lepark, The Lokal, Hombre Cantina, The Chicken Rice Shop and Spizza.

A preview of the app

Any promos by participating outlets will go straight to your notifications, and you can bookmark your top takeaways for easy ordering in the future. To celebrate its opening, cutQ is offering 40 percent of all coffees at Strangers @ Work at The Arcade on May 30.

Gone will be the days when you frantically check your watch every other second while waiting in line, wondering which is more important: easing your hunger pangs or making it on time for your next work meeting.

cutQ is a free app available on iOS and Android devices. 

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