Apparently, Ikea Tampines is offering plates of 8 Swedish meatballs for 75 cents this weekend

Photo: Ruocaled/Flickr

Listen up, Ikea meatball fans. The Tampines outlet is where you can gorge yourself silly on meatballs this weekend — without paying more than a dollar (unless you’re a big eater).

As part of the Swedish brand’s 75th anniversary celebrations, Ikea’s popular eight-piece meatball dish will go for the low price of $0.75 on Oct 6 and 7. However, you’ll have to be an Ikea Family member to get the promo. And it’s only limited to one plate per member per day. And it’s capped at the first 750 dine-in customers.

That’s a lot of restrictions, but hey, for less than a dollar, it’s probably worth it if you were thinking of paying a visit to Ikea Tampines sometime soon anyway.

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