The Top 10 Coconuts TV Youtube Videos of 2015

#10 Into The Haze: Part 2


As the haze blanketing much of Southeast Asia forced hundreds to flee, we went deeper and deeper into the haze, traveling overland from Singapore to Indonesia to investigate how the haze was affecting the region’s economy, environment and public health.

#9 Escape to Indonesia on The Dunia Baru SuperYacht


What’s better than your own yacht? Your own superyacht obviously, you peasant! Join us aboard this gorgeous sailboat as it slices through the turquoise waters of Indonesia, and forget for a second that you are but an urban office drone in an endless corporate race.

#8 Mui Thomas dreams of becoming international rugby referee


Thousands around the world were captivated by the story of Mui Thomas, a young Hong Kong woman who kicks ass at life and pursues her dreams despite suffering from a painful congenital skin condition, harlequin ichthyosis. Check out the full multimedia feature on Coconuts Hong Kong and read about how she’s pursuing her goal of becoming an international rugby referee.

#7 Instakitchen Bangkok: Yupin Somtam in Wang Lang Alley


We dare you to watch this video without salivating all over your keyboard. If you were in Bangkok, you’d be running to Wang Lang Alley to grab your own Yupin Somtam from this humble 15-year-old eatery. Learn how this chef makes this northeastern Thai dish, which consists of a platter of rice noodles, Vietnamese pork sausage, corn, roasted peanuts and more savory goodness, all topped with spicy papaya salad.

#6 Sumatra Burning: The Heart of Palm Oil


Sumatra is burning: vast swathes of virgin rainforest are being burned down to make way for palm plantations. Palm oil is an ubiquitous ingredient used in everything from chocolate to instant ramen and lipstick to shampoo, and our oblivious consumption of the product is causing an environmental and economic disaster. Coconuts TV investigates the issue in this 30-minute documentary.

#5 Philippines Crowd Goes Wild for Pope Francis


Nothing brought out the inner fangirls and fanboys of Pinoy folk more than the arrival of the Pope himself. In this video, exhilarated witnesses to his convoy recount how they almost fainted, cried tears of joy and felt “super blessed” to have been in the proximity of the leader of the Catholic world.

#4 Coconuts TV: We make videos for the internet. Asia is our focus


Coconuts TV — so hot right now. In 73 mesmerizing seconds, we summarize the eclectic soul of our channel: we’re weird, we’re sexy, and we want to bring you the stories that no one else is telling in Asia.

#3 Toms: The Complex World of Female Love in Thailand


In Thailand, there is the unique “tom” culture: toms are women who dress like men and who are attracted to women. In this short documentary we explore the complex world of female love as we follow two toms preparing for the annual all-tom talent competition, Mr. Tom Act.

#2 Rommel & Badgi


The story of Rommel, a young boy living by himself on the streets of Manila with his best friend and adorable puppy Badgi, broke the interwebz’ heart. After Coconuts Manila published a story about the 11-year-old and his canine companion, there was an outpour of support and eventually Rommel ended up back in his hometown and at school.

#1 Pricasso: The Man Who Paints With His Penis

(786, 741 views)

Talented 64-year-old Australian artist Pricasso brings a whole new meaning to the term “dick pic” in our most popular YouTube video of the year. In this clip, Tim Patch explains how he started using his penis as a tool in his art, all while painting the portrait of our very lucky and totally not uncomfortable Hong Kong editor.

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