5 luxuries that Singaporeans are willing to splurge on their pet dogs

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Dogs provide companionship and make loyal pets that are sure to bring joy into your life. In Singapore today, dogs hardly serve to merely guard the door. They are a part of your family that you look forward to seeing after coming home from a long day at work.

Owning a dog does not come cheap, of course — there are basic necessities that all dogs require, such as food, vitamins, treats, vet check-ups and insurance. Some pet owners, however, only opt for the best for their pet dogs, whatever the cost. After all, with the vast range of food options and pet tech available right now, it is easy to splurge on your pets these days.

Here are five luxuries that Singaporean pet owners are willing to pay a premium for.

Pet cameras

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Miss your dog at work? Many pet owners today install pet cameras to monitor their dogs while they are not at home. Pet cameras work on Wi-Fi and allow you to see what your dog is doing at home.

Some of these pet cameras have multiple functions such as allowing you to give your pet a treat, food or water. You can even speak to your pet through the speakers and microphones on these devices.

Estimated Price: $100-$400

Clothing and accessories

dog in jacket
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From fairytale outfits to hair clips and shoes, many dog owners occasionally dress their dogs up. In colder countries, this is a more common sight as dogs benefit from a dog sweater to help them stay warm outside.

Estimated Price: $3-$30

Car seats

Photo: Kirby the Dorkie / Flickr

Car seats for dogs focus on providing dogs with comfort and safety. Some dog owners might opt for a dog seat cover instead of a booster seat. Although it takes time for the dog to get used to the car seat, it helps to make sure your dog does not cause any trouble while you are driving. It also helps you protect your car, especially the seats from any major damage.

Many of the car seats can be purchased easily online and are offered in multiple colours and sizes. As your dog does not travel in the car every day, some of these seats are very convenient, as they’re easy to buckle on and carry around.

Estimated Price: $20-$100

Exotic treats

dog bones
Photo: Pixabay

Treats given to dogs are usually dried meat (dog jerky). Some treats mix these meats with grains, which might not be nutritional for your dog.

Treats made from chicken, lamb and beef can be commonly found in pet stores. But have you heard of dog treats made with crocodile meat, venison, kangaroo meat, rabbit, octopus, or mussels? The possibilities with exotic treats are endless. However, some pet owners opt for more exotic treats because their dogs might be allergic to specific types of ingredients.

Similarly, some pet owners are willing to pay more for organic or healthier pet food.

Estimated Price: $5-$20

Smart collars

Wuf smart collar
Photo: WÜF / Facebook

Similar to how humans have wearable technology such as fitness trackers, dogs are enjoying new products with the rise of dog tech. Smart collars are more than just a fashion statement. They allow owners to monitor the overall well-being of their dogs.

You can track where your dog is and how much exercise it’s getting with the inbuilt activity tracker. You can also receive alerts when your dog leaves a designated zone.

Estimated Price: $40-$200


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