There are anti-vaxxers in Singapore?! | The Coconuts Podcast | Jan. 14, 2022

Welcome to a brand new season of The Coconuts Podcast! We hope 2022 has brought good things to you, as they have to us in the form of new host Samantha Beltran of Coconuts Manila. Sam is joining relative veteran Andra Nasrie of Coconuts Jakarta in the never-ending quest to bring you the latest, most important, and most wondrous stories from Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.

This week, we spoke with Coconuts Singapore’s Carolyn Teo about a small but vocal band of anti-vaxxers in Singapore. “Anti-vaxxers in Singapore?” we hear you ask. To that we say of course, as ignorance knows no borders. 

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode. Until next week!

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