The Coconuts 10th Anniversary Special | The Coconuts Podcast | Sept 17, 2021

Happy birthday to us! That’s right, we’re officially ten years old — that’s what, like 70 in dog years? That’s a pretty long time, and we can’t thank you enough for reading, watching and loving our content. We’ve covered all sorts of weird and wondrous stories from all across Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, and we look back at some of the most memorable ones with our editors across the region.

Other stories include: 

No Backpackers: Top Indonesian minister wants ‘clean’ Bali when foreign tourism restarts | Thai cops arrest child, 12, who rode bike to see protest: rights group | McDonald’s is running out of McWings in Hong Kong due to supply chain disruptions | Indonesian doctor accused of ejaculating onto roommates’ meals | Woman orders a RM35K Chanel bag from Dubai. Gets an empty box. | Elder millennials rejoice at the return of Jollibee’s Honey Beef Rice | ‘He’s illiterate’: Hot mic picks up parliament trash-talking, internet pretty sure who did it (Video) | Bomb at Ocean Shopping Mall as attacks multiply across Yangon 

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