Hong Kong Blinks |  Sexy Thai Schoolgirls Now Criminal | Filipino Rapists, Murderers Get Outta Jail Free | Face-Pummeled by Fake Fake News | The KL Uniqlo Riot

Short skirts, fake news, human rights and Uniqlo-inspired havoc? If you haven’t heard The Coconuts Podcast, Episode 12 is the perfect place to start. We’ve got some amazing stories to catch up on paired with some real talk on things definitely familiar to anyone who’s lived or been in orbit of Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.

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The Coconuts Podcast delivers impactful, weird, and wonderful reporting by our journalists on the ground in eight cities: Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Yangon, and Bali. Listen to headline news and insightful interviews on matters large and small, designed for people located in – or curious about – Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.

Clarification: At some point Todd describes tech giants as private companies because they are unaccountable to the public. Of course most are public corporations traded on the markets. Also, Pussy Galore rather than Octopussy was the relevant Bond link to India.

Online extras:

Full SOPA Media Insiders panel hosted by Coconuts

It is now a crime for Thai schoolgirls to wear short skirts

Dual-pricing for foreigners now legal at Thai public hospitals

Uniqlo hypebeasts queue up for latest KAWS collaboration drop at Putrajaya mall

German startup Kontool sees huge swell of fans from Indonesia thanks to its unique name

Pukki Situation: Former Liverpool footballer Stan Collymore explains what Finnish striker’s name means in Malay

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