Ep. 9: Info Wars Hong Kong | Bali’s Holy Water Douches | Defending Marital Rape | Cock-Blocked in Quezon | Justice in Thailand

Disinfo and propaganda shape Hong Kong’s burgeoning info wars. Who are the oppressed and who are the oppressors? Depends on whom you listen to. Either way, things are getting R-E-A-L. A lovey Czech couple enraged Indonesia’s faithful with some ass-and-water play in a temple, then claimed their atheism gave them a pass. <.< Don’t try to enter the women’s restroom at the Farmers Plaza shopping mall in Quezon City outside Manila if you were not born with a vagina, at least not when this janitor is defending it. Trans woman Gretchen Diez was answering the call of nature when a mall employee cock-blocked her, saying that that her biological penis precluded entry, despite however the 28-year-old identified. Deep Dive: Our Coconuts Jakarta Managing Editor Andra Nasrie unpacks marital rape in Indonesia.

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Online extras:

Gov’t body says gay university librarian who took own life ‘mentally weak,’ dismisses bullying claims
How can Indonesia deal with marital rape when so many refuse to acknowledge it exists? (Andra’s editorial)
Viral video of Czech couple ‘dishonoring’ holy temple in Bali sparks outrage among Indonesian netizens
Farmers Plaza apologizes to trans woman Gretchen Diez after mall cleaner had her arrested
Protest Roundup: Cops shoot young woman in eye, fire tear gas in MTR station as protests intensify

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