Changes are afoot! | July 7, 2022

Yep, this week’s podcast episode did indeed land on a Thursday instead of the usual Friday. That’s just one of the changes we have made to The Coconuts Podcast, the other notable transformation being reformatting the episodes to make them shorter and more digestible for all our listeners.

That said, even more changes are afoot as we strive to make this podcast your go-to source of information on all things Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. We would appreciate your feedback on our new direction, so please leave your reviews on whichever platform you’re playing this from, or drop us a line at

For now, tune in!

Other stories include:

​​Brazilian student apprehended at Bali airport for bringing marijuana from Thailand | BTS warns Bangkok commuters to stop booty-clenching the pole | 13yo arrested for breaking into McDonald’s dessert kiosk to shoplift HK$10 worth of ice cream | Booster shots to be required for travel, mall entry amid rising COVID-19 cases | Senator Imee Marcos defends mother Imelda’s 93rd birthday party in Malacañang, calling it a ‘simple get-together’ | Masked woman goes Michael Myers on streaming Singapore couple (Video)

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