VIRAL: Young street vendor gets creative, sells own drawings for PHP5

Screenshot from @BryTooot’s Twitter account.

Though it seems like a worn out piece of paper with a tear on the side at first look, this drawing by a girl has garnered over 21,000 likes and 3,500 retweets since it was posted on Wednesday.

Why? Because of the heartwarming story behind it, shared by Twitter user Bryan Oña.

“While along España (Boulevard) waiting for a jeepney, a child called my attention. ‘Sir, buy my paintings, just 5 pesos, so I have food for school,’ (the child said).

“I asked ‘Where, can I see (?)’ She handed me a handful of paper of different drawings.

“Pursue your dreams baby, buy delicious food, ok,” his tweet reads in mixed English and Filipino.

In a message to Coconuts Manila, Oña described the girl as about 6 – 8 years old and wearing a sando (undershirt), skirt, and slippers.

He said the girl even showed him a couple of PHP20 (US$0.37) bills and some coins to show that others have bought her drawings, which were mostly of sunrises and nature. Oña ended up buying a drawing of a man waving.

Oña said he at first thought the girl was joking. “There are street children who just like to kid around,” he said.

“Then I realized that I should support her dream, so I gave her a decent amount in exchange of the drawing I picked out,” Oña said.

And netizens loved the warm fuzzies Oña’s tweet gave them.

Twitter user @maryconkimberly thanked him, saying that it was a nice way to support the kid “in more ways than one.”

“I salute you,” she ended.

Another Twitter user, @senillogenemay wrote: “God bless you!”

“Support an artist. Newbie or pro,” wrote Twitter user @Non_locomotor.

One particular Twitter user with the handle @VhieCaval said she hoped to cross paths with the girl. “aaaawwww… I hope I come across her too! Thank you for being so nice to the kid, God bless your kind soul!” Caval tweeted.

Twitter user @iamharlenejhoy shared the same sentiments: “I want to buy [one] too.”

Oña shared that he keeps the drawing inside his bag to remind him that he needs to work hard for his dreams to come true too.


Go far in this world, kid.

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