VIRAL: Woman says she was almost ‘hexed’ while queuing for a UV Express

A rosary and a scapular necklace. Photo: Wikipedia

This is one of the weirdest things that could happen while waiting to get a ride going home.

Facebook user Grace Mendoza yesterday wrote about a scary incident which occurred while she was waiting in line at a public UV Express terminal outside SM City North EDSA, a mall in Quezon City.

She said she was waiting in line with her boyfriend when a curly-haired woman who appeared to be in her 30s–40s approached her at around 6pm. Mendoza said the woman was selling scapulars, Catholic garment necklaces, and urged her to buy one.

“Ma’am, please buy it so I can help my child who has dengue,” the woman said in Filipino.

Mendoza said that she didn’t have coins at the time because she had already given her remaining pocket money to other beggars and told the woman that she will buy next time instead.

Before the woman left, she asked if she could give Mendoza a pat. Before Mendoza could even respond, the woman went ahead and patted her.

According to Mendoza, her father once told her that if a stranger pats her, she has to pat the person back because it was “someone’s way of putting a spell.”

Alarmed, Mendoza patted the woman back. The woman returned to Mendoza, blowing in her direction, which Mendoza did as well.

The woman realized what Mendoza was doing and said in Filipino: “I grew up in Quiapo. I will use black magic on you. You will die early.”

When the woman started chanting in a foreign language, Mendoza did the sign of the cross and started praying on her own.

She said: “[It was my way of] letting her see that my faith is stronger than her black magic.”

“You won’t get to sleep later!” the woman shouted at Mendoza just before the latter left the terminal.

Mendoza said she got in touch with a magtatawas or a spiritual person dealing with hexes. She said she’s in the clear, and that the person who cast a spell on her would be the one affected.

The post has over 62,000 likes and 50,000 shares on Facebook. Although we aren’t completely sold on the story, netizens couldn’t help but feel frightened.

Facebook user Joy Conde wrote that it gave her goosebumps.

“This is scary, I usually go to SM North to commute,” wrote Grace Acebo.

Jonathan Ong said that these people are harassers. “They even have the gall to tell you to die. In Quiapo, I saw a young girl sell a rosary to a student, the student didn’t buy it. The girl slapped the student on the back.”

“When the student responded, the girl even had the nerve to start a fight. And that was at the [Quiapo] church,” Ong added.

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