VIRAL: Parents allegedly left a toddler trapped alone inside car

A child was allegedly left alone by his parents trapped inside a car. Screenshot from Jasper Pascual’s video.

Responsible parents never leave their young children alone.

A viral video posted yesterday allegedly showed a toddler trapped inside a grey sports utility vehicle parked outside an entertainment venue in Pasig.

Posted by a netizen by the name of Jasper Pascual, it has received more than 5 million views and has been shared more than 176,000 times.

According to Pascual, the incident allegedly occurred around 4am.

In his post, Pascual wrote about the event in a mix of Filipino and English: “I was coming home from [M]etrowalk and I was parked beside this [T]oyota [F]ortuner when I heard there was this crying child. The car was heavily tinted so I couldn’t tell if he was with someone. But before I went inside my car, the baby hit the window and he started crying harder. It’s a cry for help! And it was like he wanted to go out.”

Pascual said he peeked into the car to check if the child was accompanied by an adult: “I was surprised because he was alone. He was suffocating. And the car was turned off so there was no aircon. Imagine!”

He decided to call a security guard to help him look for the child’s parents. It took the guard five minutes to find the mother.

Wrote Pascual: “And the parent scolded the guard and asked why she had to be called. Kudos to the security guard because he stood his ground and said, ‘Ma’am, you are wrong. We can have you arrested because you left your child there.'”

The child’s father arrived 10 minutes after the mother was found, estimated Pascual, who chose not to shoot the parents on video “because it might spark a fight,” he explained.

“Of course, the parents had a drink. I have a photo of the parents but since I’m nice, I will hide your identity,” Pascual wrote.

While the parents’ identity was kept under wraps, Pascual showed the car’s plates in the video.

He ended his post by teaching the parents a lesson: “You have a child! You should be responsible!”

It remains to be seen if charges will be filed against the parents but netizens were understandably angry at them.

Wrote Joseph Bautista: “Good job bro for posting this and doing everything to rescue the child. F*ck, it makes [my] blood boil when those things happen.”

Jeremy Cruz Claveria agrees. “F*ck sh*t! Nice job brother! It’s good you saw [the baby]! Poor child.”

Shulamite Marahay couldn’t understand why the parents were angry at the security guard. “And the parents are the ones who were mad? They didn’t think that what they did was wrong. If the child stayed there for a few more minutes he would have lost consciousness,” she wrote.

“That’s too much. It’s so enraging. Poor child,” wrote Justine Jhen.

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One thought on “VIRAL: Parents allegedly left a toddler trapped alone inside car

  1. Situations like this bring criminal charges against the parents and seizure of the children in the USA. ‘Not advocating such draconian measures–merely informing. It also should be noted that a corrupt system in USA gives financial incentives to state social workers when children are taken from their parents and placed with foster families.

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