Viral: Minsan Ikaw memes

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We’re thinking, was it Valentines that propelled this bittersweet meme to garner primetime space on Facebook?

While variants of the Minsan Ikaw meme has been sporadically appearing on our social media feed prior to Valentines, it definitely gained traction last week.

Images are cleaner and more uniformed, the repartee was wittier — it’s as bull’s-eye to the fun-loving single crowd as cupid is with his arrows and shit to the coupled down — and all are credited to a certain Gio Miniano.

“The first Minsan Ikaw meme that I was saw Makati and it was 2 years ago. Around the 3rd week of January, I saw the Hopia one and thought, ‘pangit ng pagka-edit.’ So I looked for photos and instantly made three,” Gio says. he recreated the Makati and Hopia one, and made a Patola for good measure.

The 34-year-old former stand-up comedian does it for fun, to make his friends laugh. They are almost often the inspiration for his memes. Says Gio, he uses “Adobe 5, Google, creativity, and wit.”

Below are some of our favorites from the newly created Minsan Ikaw Facebook page:


















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