VIRAL: Dog tries to revive fellow canine on side of the road, breaks netizens’ hearts

Photo: Jay-ar Villanueva Facebook page
Photo: Jay-ar Villanueva Facebook page

We don’t deserve dogs, and some humans don’t deserve their driver’s licenses.

Facebook user Jay-ar Villanueva shared a heartbreaking video on Wednesday of a dog trying to revive its fellow canine on the side of the road at Riverside Drive in Rizal. The dog is believed to be a victim of a hit-and-run incident.

“This breaks my heart,” Villanueva starts in the post. “Just saw this on my way home.”

He called fellow motorists to be more careful when driving. “That is not a person who knows how to dodge [a car]. It doesn’t know the right of way. It doesn’t know how to stop, look, and listen,” he wrote in Filipino.

In the 57-second video, you’ll see a dog desperately trying to wake up his lifeless buddy lying on the side of the road.

“I know you’ll say that it’s just a dog. But it also has a family, a friend, and above all, a life.”

Villanueva added that he couldn’t help but feel bad for the furry hit-and-run victim, but felt worse for the dog’s companion. “I pitied the other dog that didn’t leave its side that tried to wake him up to get up and go.”

He reiterated at the end of his post for motorists to drive carefully.

The video now has over 442,500 views as of posting. Netizens have lamented the dog’s death.

John Mico Ching wrote that he wanted justice. “I’m going to cry,” he said in Filipino. “[S]eeing his friend feel the misery… [J]ustice, please.”

Chi Medalla said that she hopes the other one gets adopted.  “He [is] left depressed. I hope the reporter [of the video] was able to give the dead dog a proper burial,” she said.

“The other dog knows how to appreciate a life more than most people. I feel so sad,” wrote Lucila Relabo.

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