VIRAL: Cartoon asks for ‘1 like, 1 hip grind’

Grind your hips like there’s no tomorrow. Photo via Mama Nature’s Facebook page.

It’s rare for something apolitical to go viral in the Philippines these days, but with a little dash of Filipino humor, a minimalist drawing got so much traction that it was shared almost 15,000 times since it has been posted.

Facebook page Mama Nature Environmental Hospital posted a black-and-white illustration earlier this week of a market vendor holding a piece of meat as he gyrates like a stripper in front of his customer. The reason: his client asked for one kilo of pork, and told him to grind it before giving it to her.

With the caption “1 Like, 1 Hip Grind,” the post has gone viral, with readers generally amused at its display of uniquely Filipino humor.

In an interview with Coconuts Manila, the artist responsible for the drawing–who refuses to be identified by his real name–discussed the genesis of Mama Nature, which he described as a “dumpster” for jokes.

He said, “There are two of us who manage the page, we’re college friends from the University of the Philippines. We’re in our early 30s. I’m an animator while my friend is an artist who works in gaming. We started the page in 2012, but we stopped for several years.”

In between 2012 and this year, this artist would sometimes post his art works on his personal page. He went back to posting on Mama Nature’s Facebook page again just last month, upon the prodding of his Facebook friends.

He got the inspiration for the “grinding” cartoon from one of his weekly activities: shopping at the wet market with his wife.  “Whenever I buy from the meat vendor, I always say, ‘one kilo of pork, please grind it.’ And then I thought, what if he stands on the table and grinds his hips instead?”

The post attracted so much attention that the number of followers went up from 800 to 4,784. He and his friend have made plans to make their postings more regular. “There’s definitely more pressure,” he said. “It would be better if we post twice a week. We haven’t really discussed it.”

Would they be open to selling Mama Nature-inspired merchandise, such as T-shirts and mugs? “We might, if there’s demand for it. At this point, we just want to keep uploading regularly and come up with content.”

Sounds like a plan.

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