Uncle alleges teen nephews stole his speaker; orders them arrested

Photo: Pixabay.com
Photo: Pixabay.com

This uncle took no sh*t from his nephews.

An unidentified man called the cops on his underaged nephews yesterday after they allegedly stole his Bluetooth speaker.

ABS-CBN reported that the two young men — aged 16 and 17 — were arrested by the Navotas City police. The teens have been living with their uncle for four years prior to their arrest.

According to one Navotas cop, Senior Superintendent Ram Haveria, the alleged theft of the speaker wasn’t the first time that the duo stole their uncle’s belongings. The teens have allegedly stolen from him multiple times in the past. Haveria also alleged that the men would sell their uncle’s stuff and use the money to buy illegal drugs.

The teens’ suspected drug den, which was the target of a buy-bust operation by authorities last week, was at Navotas Fish Port and located near their uncle’s house.

The suspects will be charged with theft but they will temporarily remain at a facility where other minors who have had trouble with the law are being detained.

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