UK superyacht sails from Cebu to England in its maiden voyage

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A UK ship that’s fit for the so-called “ultra-rich” crowd officially began its “history” as a vessel with a journey that started in the Philippines.

“This December, UK-based Condor Ferries’ state-of-the-art superyacht — which costs GBP£50 million — sailed more than 10,000 nautical miles in over 22 days on its maiden voyage from Cebu, Philippines to its base in the town of Poole in Dorset, England,” reports Chris Kitching on MailOnline.

The Condor 102 ferry, which was built by Australian company Austal, reached its UK base on Dec 26.

The report noted: “The posh vessel is scheduled to officially enter service in March 2015, when it will transport customers between Poole Harbour to the islands of Guernsey and Jersey.”

The report likewise pointed out that “the 335-foot Condor has a capacity of nearly 900 passengers, 245 cars and a top service speed of 35 knots.” Moreover, as the report indicated, “it is the first high-speed trimaran (three-hulled vessel) to operate in Northern Europe.”

However, the ship has not yet been given an official name. “Condor expects this ferry to sail in considerably higher seas, meaning fewer cancellations are expected,” the report said.

Photo: Video screeengrab



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