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In a place like Manila, where roads are too narrow, rules are too vague and traffic enforcers sometimes power trip, drivers and commuters can passionately go on and on about the terrible traffic situation in the metropolis. Hot tip: One of the easiest ways to start a conservation with Filipinos is by talking about the notorious traffic jams along EDSA, where drivers get stuck on the road for as much as three or four hours on a regular basis. We ourselves see the problem. Coconuts Manila has reported about traffic jams, road accidents, construction announcements, flight delays and government road rules. We even took a shot of people walking on the MRT railway when the train broke down in May 2016 (That viral photo made it to front page of a broadsheet!). TBH, we rarely encounter good news about transportation, but hey, we post stuff that will help you survive the roads (like the schedule of the next road closure).

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