Swedish-American man arrested for sextortion; met victims on dating websites

Photo: Pixabay.com
Photo: Pixabay.com

Here’s a case that shows how screwed up the Manila dating scene can get.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) yesterday presented a 37-year-old Swedish-American by the name of Michael William Ryan Lagarde who allegedly extorted money from his numerous dates by threatening to upload their sexy photos and videos on the internet.

Lagarde reportedly met these women (and even men) on dating apps and websites.

This case comes a week after the NBI arrested a Filipino seaman accused of committing the same crime.

Are you now worried about that Tinder date?

According to the Philippine Star, Lagarde was arrested by the NBI after he met one of his girlfriends on Sunday at a posh mall in Taguig.

Remate reported that Lagarde allegedly tried to extort PHP100,000 (US$1,849) from the woman in exchange for not uploading her sexy pictures and videos online.

He denied the accusation. He told news broadcast show TV Patrol: “I didn’t ask for money. I needed money to repair our motorcycle so I could sell it and close out our [his and the girlfriend’s] loan.”

The Philippine Star reported that aside from extortion, his girlfriend also accused him of taking all her credit cards, checkbooks, and cash.

Lagarde is facing four other complaints from other women, all for the same crime.

According to the NBI, Lagarde is somewhat of a Casanova, who would schedule dates with different men and women on different days.

His scheme also involves becoming a woman’s ideal man, and he is a pretty good actor, too.

Said Jun Donggalo in Filipino, the chief of NBI’s Special Action Unit: “He’s good. When he meets his target, whatever her ideal man is, that’s who he becomes.”

Lagarde is also accused of misrepresentation, as he allegedly introduces himself as an ex-soldier and defense contractor. Aside from extortion, he’s also been convicted of multiple fraud charges in Sweden.

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