See your work orbiting the planet if you win NASA’s design contest

NASA can give you the kind of exposure which will have your work orbiting around the planet, but are you willing to labor for a chance to win a meager USD300?

In partnership with, NASA launched a design contest to help find a logo for its In-Space Manufacturing project. It aims to allow astronauts to manufacture hardware in space with the help of 3D printing technology. 

So what kind of logo does NASA want?

According to the rules, they want something that will “graphically convey the key theme of space exploration and on-demand manufacturing/repair.”

The winner’s work will appear on presentation materials, shirts, mugs, and other team items. 

As of writing, 512 entries have been subitted to They will accept entries until Apr 14.

The contest is not well received in artist circles. Many of them consider the USD300 cash prize an insult to their skills. 

For reference, Chatime, a beverage franchise, launched a design contest earlier this year. They gave away PHP20,000 worth of prizes (about USD500). 




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