Missing boys: Headcount now up to three

Please watch over your children at all times.

News of the two missing boys from Wawa, Taguig City is going around various social media. Police have also put up posters of  Dayne Buenaflor and James Naraga in the hope that they will be recognized by people in the area where their abductors might have taken them.

The two were said to have been kidnapped on  Holy Wednesday while they were playing in front of the Barangay  Hall.

Rumors of a van going around the metropolis and nabbing children have triggered panic among residents. The Philippine Star reported that another boy has gone missing in Quezon City on Tuesday.  The one-year-old baby was said to be in the arms of his mother when a stranger grabbed him in front of a store in Barangay San Antonio. The suspect was said to have ran off with the child on board a tricycle.

If you have seen these missing children, or have any leads on there whereabouts, please contact the Taguig City Police at 0921-757-8977 or your local police office.


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