NCRPO to investigate erring cops who reportedly peed on tree in Presidential Palace

Photo: Screenshot from Radio Television Malacañang – RTVM Facebook page

Better in than out, in this case.

On Tuesday, 102 erring cops were brought to the Malacañang Palace Grounds for a round of President Rodrigo Duterte’s scolding. It was reported that these officers were allegedly linked to criminal activities.

However, some of the policemen could face another charge for peeing on the balete (ficus) tree, according to Philippine Star. The Presidential Security Group (PSG) said the urine’s odor gave it away.

To think the restroom was just five meters away from the tree.

“We will initiate [an] investigation on this matter,” Metro Manila police chief Guillermo Eleazar Guillermo Eleazar told The Philippine Daily Inquirer regarding the incident. Eleazar said he believes that whoever urinated on the tree was part of the officers who were called to appear before Duterte.

We will file appropriate charges towards those responsible [for the act of urinating on the tree],” he told reporters.

87 of the 102 policemen lined up in the Palace were from Metro Manila, Eleazar stated. Some were allegedly involved in crimes including kidnapping and illegal drug trade.

Duterte described the scalawag police officers as “useless,” adding that they are the “plague” to society.  He shared that if there weren’t other officials present, he would’ve “slapped” the policemen.

Duterte cursed at the cops and threatened them to get their act together, or else. “If you keep doing that [illegal activites], son of a bitch, I’ll really kill you,” he said in Filipino.

He added that he has a “special unit” for those who are guilty of being corrupt and working with drug syndicates.

“You will be monitored for life and if you make even one small mistake, I will tell them to kill you,” he said in Filipino.

In February 2017, Duterte also reprimanded 200 erring officers, stating that he will assign them to conflict areas in Mindanao as punishment. Those who refused deployment would have to resign from their positions.

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