NBI raids ‘food fetish’ den in Muntinlupa City

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) recently raided an apartment in Muntinlupa City. The said apartment was supposedly a “food fetish” hub. What that means: it housed an operation involving women performing in front of a webcam for US-based clients who are reportedly aroused by the sight of women eating.

ABS-CBN News correspondent Niko Baua reported on TV Patrol that the NBI agents encountered a woman — who was identified only as “Sally” — eating in front of a webcam while wearing only her bra and panties. Sally revealed that she earned as much as PHP5,000 per month by just eating for her foreign clients. She also said she thought there was nothing wrong with what she was doing because she didn’t even have to get naked.

Sally also added that she liked her job because she got to eat for free. She revealed that, in fact, her clients liked to see her gaining weight. Meanwhile, the apartment’s official resident and the supposed mastermind of the said operation, a woman identified only as “Olivia,” adamantly declared that they weren’t involved in pornography.

“Fetish lang ito (This is just fetish),” she quipped.

The NBI agents, however, apprehended Sally and Olivia. They said that the so-called “food fetish” operation could easily have pornographic elements, too.

Screengrab from a TV Patrol video

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