Meth owned by 4 prisoners discovered; was meant for inmate’s farewell party

Photo: Pixabay

One last time?

These girls just wanted to have fun and bid adieu to a friend, even if it would mean facing much worse consequences.

Four female detainees were caught using shabu (meth) earlier today in the Kamuning Police Station jail in Quezon City.

ABS-CBN News reported that the four suspects were arrested in October after they were caught possessing illegal drugs.

According to the police, a visitor came to see one of the suspects and reportedly brought two bottles of tea. However, authorities discovered that it was actually alcohol.

This prompted police to check the jail cell of the suspects where they discovered sachets of suspected shabu.

The suspects admitted to using the illegal drugs, ABS-CBN News reported. They said they used it only because it was their fellow inmate’s farewell party before she is transferred to the Quezon City Jail.

Couldn’t have opted for something legal, like perhaps a regular get-together with no drugs, eh?

They will face additional charges of resistance, disobedience, and for violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002. Authorities are currently looking for the visitor who brought the alcohol.

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