Mayor showcases suspected criminals on Facebook Live

Mayor Cynthia Guiani-Sayadi is under investigation for parading suspects on social media. Photo via Sayadi’s Facebook account.

Seriously, stop posting everything on Facebook.

The Philippines’ Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has flagged Cotabato City Mayor Cynthia Guiani-Sayadi for a somewhat strange practice — that of parading suspected criminals on Facebook live.

In one of the clips obtained by television program The World Tonight from Sayadi’s account, she addresses thieves and says: “Warning to snatchers. I will run after you. I hope you stop.”

The camera then pans to suspects who were reportedly rounded up by the police during an operation.

According to the report, charges have been filed against the suspects, who deny that they were involved in criminal activities.

In a lengthier footage obtained by GMA News, Sayadi even told one of the suspects: “Look at the camera. Say ‘hi.'”

Pretty sure this isn’t what social media is for.

Sayadi’s digital crime-shaming practice is already under investigation by the CHR.

“[The] investigation is on going (sic). Even without the request of the arrested suspect, we can initiate [an] investigation, check him on his condition, and appraise him of his rights,” said lawyer Erlan Deluvio, director of CHR’s Region 12 office.

Yet Sayadi believes that she’s blame free.

She told The World Tonight that “there’s nothing wrong about it. The more important thing here is that they’re being given due process.”

Sayadi’s practice is a more high-tech version of an old trick up the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) playbook.

The PNP used to present suspects to the media, an old gimmick that was assailed for allegedly violating human rights.

This was abruptly ended last month after the PNP said they wish to follow a memorandum that banned the practice as early as 2008.

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