Manila Police District shake up continues

Manila Police District director Chief Supterintendent Isagani Genabe Jr has ordered six more high-ranking officers of his district relieved. 

According to MPD spokesperson Chief Inspector Erwin Margarejo, the six police officers who were relieved had overstayed their assignments. The move was meant to give younger MPD officers a chance to hold those posts.

The ranking PNP officers ordered relieved were P/Supt. Frumecio Bernal, chief of District Operations and Plans Division; P/Supt. Francisco Grabiel, chief of the MPD Investigation Division; P/Supt. Edgar Ferrater, secretary of Directorial Staff; P/Supt. Ferdinand Quirante, chief of District Police Community Division, P/Supt. James Afalla, commander of MPD Station 4 in Sampaloc; and P/Supt. Remegio Sedanto, commander of MPD Station 6 in Santa Ana.

The police officers will go back to their mother unit at the Regional Police Holding Administration Unit of the National Capital Region Police Office.

Margarejo said the MPD chief immediately released a designation order and appointed officers-in-charge for the vacant posts.

The said OICs were P/Supt. Froilan Uy (District Operations and Plans Division); P/Supt. Fernando Opelanio (Investigation Division); C/Insp. Claire Ballesteros (secretary of Directorial Staff); C/Insp. Ariel Caramoan (OIC of of MPD Station 4); and C/Insp. Dondon Austria (OIC of MPD Station 6).

Margarejo himself was appointed chief of the District Police Community Division but will remain the district’s public affairs chief.

Meanwhile, around 430 of 2,000 MPD police personnel are currently facing dismissal from the service after they failed to attend personnel inventory during the district’s flag-raising ceremony on Monday.

“There was early notification that there will be an accounting of personnel before our district director issued a memorandum. If they don’t have any justified reason why they didn’t attend the flag-raising and accounting of personnel, well, they have no choice but to face the consequences”, the MPD spokesman said.

He added that those 430 cops have been given only until this Friday to explain their side. Margarejo said that the process is part of the on-going “Oplan Palitaw” meant to bring back the “golden era” of Manila’s Finest. The palitaw is a local fried snack that floats when it’s done cooking. 


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