Is that you, Mayor? Meet Vico Sotto’s look-alike

Bulacan teen Jhono Tayopon. Photos: Tayopon
Bulacan teen Jhono Tayopon. Photos: Tayopon

Last week, it was Palawan’s version of Elon Musk. Today, Filipinos discovered another doppelgänger: an 18-year-old farm laborer who kinda looks like Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto.

People following the Facebook group Alak Pinas were shocked to see photos posted by Jhono Tayopon over the weekend because the dude looks a lot like Sotto. The post, which has been shared almost 17,000 times, shows Tayopon smoking while having porridge and a bottle of beer.

Quite a number of Pinoys are amused, with one netizen calling Tayopon “bisyo Sotto.” Bisyo is the Filipino word for “vice.”

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Jhono Tayopon on Alak Pinas. Screenshot from the Facebook page.
Jhono Tayopon on Alak Pinas. Screenshot from the Facebook page.

Tayopon, who lives in Bulacan, told Coconuts Manila in an interview that the people on Alak Pinas were the first to tell him that he kinda looks like Sotto.

“At first I couldn’t believe [that I look like him] until someone sent a photo of idol Vico, then more comments came in, reactions, and [a lot] of shares,” he said in English and Filipino.

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He posted the photos out of a whim. He was having breakfast when he thought it would be a good idea to take some shots.

“It was freezing so my sister and I decided to have porridge. While eating porridge, I thought of drinking the Red Horse [beer] that I hid in the ref. Then I thought of posting [my photos] to our page. No one has told me [before] that I look like Mayor Vico,” he said.

The teen admitted that the unwanted attention is making him nervous because some people called him “gangsta Vico” and “bad boi Vico.” But he would love to meet Sotto one day.

“If I meet him, I would be super thankful, because no one [is just given] the opportunity to meet the mayor of Pasig,” he said.


So, do you agree with some people that he kinda looks like Sotto? Tell us by leaving a comment below or tweeting to @CoconutsManila.



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