Husband kills wife’s lover after seeing them both naked in open field

Photo: ABS-CBN News

This is straight out of a soap opera.

A man in South Cotabato hacked his wife’s lover to death after discovering them naked in an open field. It is unclear when the crime took place.

ABS-CBN reported today that the man, identified only as Elmer, left his wife in the rice fields to run an errand. He came back later to discover that she was gone.

Elmer said he was shocked to discover her with his cousin, lying on the ground in an open field.

“Behind the grass, I could hear someone talking. I saw both of them and they were naked,” Elmer said in Filipino. “I lost all control and I ended up killing the man.”

According to Elmer’s wife, though, that shock was simply an act. She said that her husband was well aware that she had been carrying an affair with his cousin for the past 10 years. She added that while there was nothing wrong with Elmer, she truly loved his cousin.

His wife said in Filipino: “I was only 15 years old when I married him [Elmer]. I wasn’t mature. But his cousin, he courted me because he knew I already liked him. I agreed to have an affair with him.”

According to the police, there’s a possibility that Elmer may never do time for the killing, as he is trying to areglo (negotiate) with the other party so they don’t press charges.

In some areas in the Philippines, doing an areglo means offering a payout to the victim’s family, to discourage them from pursuing a case. That option is more attractive than you might think given that criminal cases here can take years before their conclusion, and prove financially draining exercise for the complainants.

Elmer, meanwhile, wants to reconcile with his wife and said he is ready to forgive her. That’s right. He’s ready to forgive her.

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