Health ministry tells Filipinos not to pig out this holiday season

Photo: George Calvelo ABS-CBN News.

You can’t be serious.

The Department of Health (DOH) today warned Filipinos about the health risks they could face from overeating during the Christmas season. With some Pinoys excited over the prospect of chowing down on lechon and other fatty dishes, the DOH told people that they should eat in moderation.

But…isn’t overeating what Christmas is all about?

DOH Undersecretary Eric Domingo told ABS-CBN News in Filipino and English: “We say the excuse that Christmas only comes once a year, that we rarely have family reunions. [However,] we also want to remind people that it’s also fun to celebrate [Christmas] in moderation.”

Hm, that doesn’t sound like Christmas at all.

He especially warned diabetics and those who have to watch their cholesterol level.

“If you are a diabetic, you’re not allowed to eat sweets every day. If you have a high cholesterol level, you cannot spend the entire month eating a lot and not thinking about how it would affect your body,” he said.

Domingo suggested people with health problems should also stick with a meal plan.

But there’s another thing that the DOH warned about: standing up for far too long which is what happens to people who spend too much of their time shopping for gifts.

He said that those who stand in line for too long could end up with varicose veins and vein thrombosis.

A vein thrombosis is when a blood clot forms inside a vein, which could cause pain or swelling of the legs. 

Domingo said some people who stand in line for too long might also notice their blood pressure going down, which may lead them to lose consciousness.

Sounds like the perfect excuse for penny-pinchers who don’t want to shop for gifts.

Keeping our fingers crossed that people would listen to the DOH’s advice. But not overeating? Dude, that’s tough.

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