Gunman still at large after shooting a nurse in traffic altercation

The unidentified shooter is still at large after shooting a nurse (right) four times. PHOTO: Screengrab from motorist’s video / Philippine Daily Inquirer

Authorities are still looking for the unidentified motorist who shot a nurse four times after a road squabble on F. Sotto Street in Cebu City early Sun morning, Mar 19.

The shooter left the crime scene in his Mercedes Benz with plate number UNI 731, but not before the victim, nurse Ephraim Montalbo, took a photo of his plate.

According to a report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Montalbo was driving behind the shooter and honked his horn so he could drive past the Mercedes Benz. The shooter then got out of his vehicle and started kicking Montalbo’s Toyota Altis. After a failed attempt at punching Montalbo, the driver went back to his car, now with gun in hand.

The gunman then shot Montalbo four times, as shown in the footage captured by another motorist behind Montalbo’s vehicle.

Cebu City police are still working to identify the gunman, but believe he is of Filipino-Chinese descent.

Watch the video below as posted by Sun Star Cebu from the Cebu City Police – Homicide Division. WARNING: Disturbing Content.

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