Grab driver irked by passenger’s use of smiley, commuter defends that she’s a millennial

Photo: Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush via Pexels

Not all people love smileys, apparently.

Twitter user @jhannahmontana learned about this nugget of wisdom when a Grab driver became unexpectedly annoyed after she texted him with a smiley. Their text conversation has gone viral since she posted it on Wednesday.

In her post’s caption, she wrote in Filipino: “My Grab driver is agit[ated]”

Their text convo started with the driver’s message: “Sorry, I’m stuck in traffic.”

To which she replied: “Ok po :).”

Po” is a word that indicates respect.

The driver sarcastically told her: “Wow. So you’re really happy that I’m stuck in traffic, ma’am?”

She could only weakly defend herself by saying, “Oh, I’m not happy [about you being stuck in traffic] I’m just fond of replying with a smiley face…”

She ended up giving the only plausible reason she could think of and wrote: “I’m a millennial.”

Definitely going to use that excuse sometime.

The tweet has gone viral, with over 28,000 likes on Twitter. Netizens were in a tweeting frenzy, shooting one tweet after another:

Said @cranjellxxoxx in a mix of English and Filipino: “‘I’m a millennial’ is a great defense. Lemme borrow it for a bit? Like 5 years”

One netizen asked for updates on the actual ride. @itsJessiJeys said: “Your Grab driver is cute! HAHAHAHA! Give me an update on when you rode the car! What happened? lol. HAHA.”

“Ahahahaha. Your Grab driver is hot-headed,” wrote @quantumchase.

@mmloremia noted as a matter of fact that the traffic situation in Manila will just really irk you. “You’ll truly get hot-headed with the traffic [situation] hahaha”

Have you ever experienced something like this from a Grab driver? Leave a comment below or tweet us @CoconutsManila.

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