Good Boy, Bad Situation: Poor doggo goes viral after man sees him imprisoned in bus compartment

Photo: Larry Molina
Photo: Larry Molina

Traffic is unbearable for most people, so you could imagine what one pup went through after he was imprisoned inside the luggage compartment of a bus that was stuck along EDSA in Cubao, Quezon City.

The poor doggo was spotted on Saturday by Larry Andrew Molina, who coincidentally is a dog breeder. Molina was in a car on the way to Bicol province when he saw the animal, which he said was crying helplessly inside the undercarriage compartment of a Raymond Bus.

Molina posted photos of the white pooch to Facebook, accompanied by a justifiably irate message.

“Hey bosses, is this right? They’re traveling from Manila to Masbate. The dog was underneath a compartment that was located near the bus’ engine. That’s very hot. He could die,” reads the post, which has been shared a whopping 29,000 times.

“Raymond Bus, why do you allow this? Don’t you guys think? Or you just don’t have brains? That’s a really long journey. The dog is behind the engine. You act worse than an animal.”

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In a follow-up edit, Molina wrote that he learned that the bus driver had allegedly forbidden owner from bringing the dog aboard at first, but eventually allowed the dog to sit inside the air-conditioned vehicle with his owner. He also defended the owner from netizens who have criticized her.

“The dog owner fought for the rights of her dog. Let’s not judge her or what,” Molina said.

In a Facebook Messenger interview with Coconuts Manila, Molina said he saw the dog at around 2pm. “I was inside a Grab car when I heard a barking dog,” he recalled. “I looked for it then the bus stopped near our vehicle. Behind it, I saw the dog.”

“As a breeder and dog owner, I know how the dog felt. He wasn’t comfortable. He destroyed his cage so that meant that he was having a hard time. He was panting from the heat.”

Molina said the owner got in touch with him and assured him that the dog was eventually allowed inside a few minutes after when Molina saw the animal.

“The driver and conductor eventually relented and allowed the dog inside the bus,” Molina said. “It was a long trip from Manila to Masbate. If the dog stayed there, he would have died.”

To prove the dog was safe, Molina posted a follow-up photo showing the pup cuddling next to his owner in climate-controlled comfort.

He also posted another photo showing the pup arriving safely in Masbate.

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