Filipino students sell portable bidet fit for those awkward trips to public restrooms

Photo via Manang Bidet’s Facebook page.

Prepare to add this to your list of things you didn’t know you needed.

To those who always find themselves inside public restrooms to go “number one” or “number two” — you know, while stuck in Manila’s traffic or when going out of town — here’s a new portable bidet that wants to make things a lot easier for you.

Launched earlier this year by a group of Filipino college students, “Manang Bidet” is a relatively small tumbler-like device you can you use to, er, wash yourself during emergency situations.

Unlike the Filipinos’ trusty tabo (dipper), you can store water inside, keep it in your car, and use the nozzle to squirt out the water.

It does not need electricity or batteries so it’s also perfect for campers.

Manang Bidet’s website says that it aims to let users “enjoy every comfort room (restroom) experience.”

We like the sound of that.

And it doesn’t cost much either. A Manang Bidet Kit is priced at PHP399 (US$7.60) while an additional collapsible bottle is priced at PHP250 (US$4.76).

So long, wet wipes?

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