Filipino parents ‘fawning’ over daughter singing ‘Part of Your World’ go viral 

Photo: @rubiabrianna/Twitter
Photo: @rubiabrianna/Twitter

When will your parents ever be this extra?

Twitter user Brianna Rubia (@rubiabrianna) shared a now-viral video last night of her sister Sam Rubia singing Part of Your World from the Disney classic The Little Mermaid — and it was magical. But you don’t need us to tell you that, just take a look at their parents’ reactions.

“When I said my parents were supportive, I wasn’t kidding,” Brianna wrote in the tweet.

Their parents can be seen cheering Sam on as she sings in front of her computer. They acted like a fanboy and a fangirl and it’s adorable.

They cover their eyes in awe of their daughter’s voice, pretending to be dazzled with huge grins on their faces. Their mom claps as their dad makes wildly animated faces.

Check out the video to see how extra they actually are:

Brianna says in another tweet that Sam was practicing her nightly vocals when their parents “barged in to fangirl and fanboy [over her].”

Sam told Coconuts Manila that the video was recorded last night in their home in Davao City.

“Sunday is a day where my family and I really bond because it’s the only time where everyone’s not busy.”

“I was bored and so I decided to practice my vocals. My parents, on the other hand, were super hyper that day and it was rare for them to hear me sing around the house,” the 17-year-old said.

“So I guess they wanted to show their support through exaggerated gestures and my sister happened to [take a] video of the moment.”

Asked if their parents are usually like this, the Grade 12 student said: “I find that my parents are sweet depending on their mood so it’s not all the time [that] they’re showy about their feelings.”

Well, now the world knows how “showy” they can be at times.

The video had over 306,000 views, 34,000 likes, and 7,600 retweets as fo this posting.

Netizens absolutely loved the parents.

“Can they adopt me,” asked @uhrezo.

“Aww you’re really blessed with your parents. I pray that may (sic) God blessed (sic) the heart of your parents,” said @Rvnjosh.

“The dad is my favorite lmao,” added @sofiaxwoedem.

“[This happens] when all the karaoke sang at every filipino party paid off,” said @arielisiderio about Sam’s voice.

“Filipino parents got no chill,” said @realxSyn.

“This is too pure,” said @dwigtschrutex.

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